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Faculty of Vivekananda School & College of Nursing believes in.

  • Providing nursing education based on the scientific principles ; educational theory and practice to prepare
         professionally qualified nurse, who will be able to function as a team member in health care agencies.
  • Nursing is an essential wing of Health care delivery system.
  • Nurses have the responsibility to provide multidisciplinary approach health services for attainment of optimal
        health forthe community.
  • Nurse is individually accountable for the care provides.
  • We believe nursing is an art and science of caring.
  • Health is a right of every individual.
  • Education is a life long learning process aims to mold creative behavior of the student.
  • The student is an adult, responsible for self learning.
  • The teacher is a facilitator, counselor and guide for learning.
  • Maintain balance in personal and professional responsibilities.